Adult volunteers needed at 29 Squadron

Thank you for visiting this page and checking out what volunteering at 29 Squadron can mean for you.

My name is Pilot Officer Pete Belt. I am the Commanding Officer of 29 Squadron in Rotorua.  Our unit is part of the New Zealand Cadet Forces organisation, and 29 Squadron started over 80 years ago in 1941.

As an organisation, we train young people aged 13+ to become Rotorua’s next successful leaders.  We meet once a week on a Wednesday night during school terms, and plan and carry out camps and activities during weekends.

We are a military-styled organisation. We do not train people to become soldiers, but we use the proven training and systems to deliver teamwork, self-discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, and leadership skills to teenagers and young adults.

Everyone at 29 Squadron are unpaid volunteers. We come together as a group of people to share our time and knowledge so that we can help young people get an even better start in life. We model and teach them the values of Teamwork, Courage, Commitment, Integrity, Resilience, Humility, and Excellence.

Why we need you

I like to be up front and honest:  We need your passion, your time, your life experience, your expertise in yourt field, and your drive to “put something back” through service to your community.  Cadet Forces get involved with youth /. XXXXXXXXXXXXX


What we need from you

For you to become part of Team 29 and to ensure the safety and quality of what we do, there are a number requirements that have to be met.

You will need to be a legal adult with a full drivers license, you will need to pass a NZ/AUS Police and New Zealand Defence Forces security check as a a front-line youth worker, and we need you to attend a number of our Wednesday night parade nights and activities before we will start the formal joining process.

Volunteers that are normally interested in joining 29 Squadron as adult volunteers tend to identify with one of the following groups:

  • You have been a cadet yourself, or have been an adult volunteer at cadets previously
  • You have, or had, a career in the military
  • You work with at-risk youth (Police, Corrections, Health), and like the idea of being part of the team that crews an “Ambulance at the top off the cliff”.
  • You have qualifications or life experience in a field that we teach
  • You are motivated by working with young adults to help them get a great start in life

Available roles


What we offer you

29 Squadron is a place for you you share your passion and enthusiasm with Rotorua youth.

You will be part of a team of people that 

Your next step

Contact me.  Phone, email, TXT message, social media. You pick.

We will have an informal chat in person, over the phone, or via video chat where I can explain in more detail what we do, and how you may be able to find your place on our team.  After this, you will attend a few Parade Nights so you can see what we do, and the Team can get to meet you.

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