The Cadets, officers, supplementary staff, and through the Unit Support Committee, the families and supporters of 29 Squadron are deeply grateful for the sponsorship in grants and in kind by the people and organisations highlighted below.

Cadets, and 29 Squadron specifically, is a non-profit organisation registered as a Charity. None of our staff are paid – all the time they put in is donated.  For 2023, 29 Squadron Staff and parents have donated in excess of 4000 working hours in their spare time.

Operational funds and purchases of training equipment have to come from fundraising.  Most of it is achieved by the families of the cadets, but through the generosity of our community, we can achieve our objectives sooner as we are awarded grants towards specific projects.

If you click here, you can access a report from ImpactLab which has researched and measured the Social Value of Cadets.  In short, for every $1 donated to 29 Squadron, the Community gets $2.1 in Social Value in return.

Social value? What does that mean?  In this case, a picture is worth 1000 words:

In simple terms, for every $1 of money or value you put into a 29 Squadron cadet, this results them becoming better citizens, better friends, better parents… just better overall!

Thank you. Thank you SO MUCH

The people and organisations below have made that commitment to Rotorua’s rangatahi, our youth, your children.

If you are able, please support them in return.

Te Kaunihera o nga Roto o Rotorua
Rotorua Lakes Council

Adrie van Ardendonk from Arendonk Builders Ltd

ITM Rotorua

Mr Aaron Coveney

Mr Paddy Sands and Mrs Jenny Veitch

Last, but very much not least: all our families – the people we call 29 Squadron Whanau.  All of you who have spent the extra hour helping out, purchased something and didn’t ask for it to be reimbursed, or plainly donated goods or money without any public recognition – we know who you are.   Legends.  All of you.