Kia ora 29 Squadron whanau!

As per NZCF Covid-19 Bulletin 38 released on 08 Sep 21, and a meeting of Staff, our squadron is Parading at our ATC HQ at 23 Geddes Rd from 15 SEP 21.

If any Cadet or their whanau is not comfortable returning to Parading under Level 2, they do not have to.  Please fill in a Leave form though.

Anyone who has any kind of cold or flu symptoms, even though it may not be Covid-19, MUST NOT PARADE.  Please fill in a Leave form.

Parading at Level 2 does come with a number of conditions.

What 29 Squadron Staff will do:

  • Wear our mandatory masks (Mandatory for anyone 18+, including adult Cadets)
  • Use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving rooms; entering and leaving ATC HQ.
  • Do not crowd staff rooms
  • Clean and disinfect the toilets, wash basin, and the floor before Parade, in the middle of Parade, and at the end of Parade
  • Guide all Cadets to ensure maximum physical distancing – in excess of the minimums – where possible
  • Schedule lessons that make distancing practical
  • Wipe down surfaces touched during the lesson, and any common surfaces (door handles, light switches) before leaving the room.

What Cadets need to do:

  • Keep 2m from anyone else.
  • Entry to and exit from the building is through one door only (the main door)
  • Use the provided hand sanitiser by that door before touching anything else inside the building
  • All personnel need to scan the QR code on the door (available both sides).  If unable, fill in the paper register at the door
  • You will be directed to sit in a specific spot inside the hall, which will be 2m apart from others.
  • While moving through the building, try to keep 2m from everyone else.
  • In classrooms, take a seat and do not move that seat.  It is put there to keep the minimum distance.
  • If you are 17 or younger, the wearing of a face mask is not mandatory.  The NZCF strongly encourages everyone to wear a face mask.
  • You will stay in your assigned lecture room for the night.  Instructors will move between rooms instead.
  • Bring your own mug if you would like to have a drink during break time.  Take that mug back home with you at the end of the night.
  • With the provided wipes and cleaning supplies, clean and wipe down all surfaces you sat at and/or touched before leaving for the night

We have been through this before and we all appreciated that Parading at Level 2 is better than being in Lockdown.

The exciting news is that the NZCF is also allowing Activities to resume under Level 2.  These Activities do need to be (re)approved however.  29 SQN has requested an activity for 26 SEP 21 to be approved – more information will be available soon.

Thank you all for your cooperation.  We will be back at Level 1 before we know it.

Kia ora.

Online Parades back at 29 Squadron


Our first Online Parade night found almost everyone in good spirits.  It was good to see the resilience in our Cadets when faced with the highest level of restrictions on our daily lives.

Two Zoom sessions were held, one for Basic 1 and another for Basic 2 Cadets.  It went very well and Staff got together afterwards to commit to an even more immersive Online Parade night from next week onwards:  Three online lessons held at the same time.

Check  out the sorts of presentations that Cadets get to learn from and enjoy:

Our first Lockdown parade saw a good turnout with 18 Cadets plus Staff login in.

Not too long ago we spoke to our Cadets about the need for Flexibility and Resilience, and that was before the Lockdown happened.

We also tested our Cadets for comprehension after each lesson, and these were the top performers

29 Squadron thanks the parents and their Cadets for the support they are giving each other and our Squadron during this challenging time.




Tena koutou katoa

To all Officers, Staff, Cadets, Parents, Caregivers, USC members, and supporters:
29 Squadron will NOT parade on Wednesday nights until further notice.
All NZCF external activities, exercises, operations, and camps are at a minimum suspended, possibly cancelled.
In the words of FLTLT Knight:  
“We can do anything that we set our minds to.  Kia kaha.  Noho Ora mai”.
Keep in touch via our usual communication channels.  Ask questions of your Section leader or Staff member.
More specifically:
  • Parade Night at 29 SQN ATC Unit is not happening 18 AUG 21
  • Zoom Parade nights may be announced starting next week.  Stay tuned to normal channels.
  • Camps that were due to take place this weekend are not happening. (Polar Bear, M*A*S*H*, Hell & Back regionally)
  • The Tough Guy/Girl aka Mud run marshalling is not happening 21 AUG 21

Keep an eye on our Social Media channels for updates.


Covid 19 Update 23 JUN 21


Kia ora 29SQN whanau. Today’s Covid announcement by the Government means we will continue at LEVEL 1, which means there is no change and we will Parade tonight.

It remains a good reminder for everyone to wash and dry hands, use hand sanitiser supplied at the unit, and stay home if you are unwell. Use the website Leave form if needed.

If our alert level changes, updated information will be available here and on our Social Media.

#resilience #flexibility #relentlesspositivity


Operation WiseOwl

Credit: No. 29 (Rotorua) Squadron

It was Rotorua’s turn to host RNZAF’s 14 Squadron, and the crowds certainly appreciated the mini-airshow.  

There is no expectation or obligation  to continue with the Royal New Zealand Air Force (or the Army or Navy) when you join Air Cadets, but if the NZDF is on your (or your child’s) radar, then Air Cadets is going to give you a great head start.

We meet every Wednesday night during school terms.  Contact us if you’d like to know more.

FLTLT Knight receives her rank slides


The Unit Commander of No. 29 (Rotorua) Squadron, Air Training Corps, Flight Lieutenant Poihaere Knight received  her new rank slides during a visit of the Deputy Chief of Navy Commodore Melissa Ross to Rotorua Cadets.

On the left is her son ACSS Morgan Knight, formerly a Cadet Flight Sergeant of 29 Squadron, and on her left is Commodore Ross.

The ceremony was carried out in front of Cadets and parents from RDCU, 75 Squadron, and her own unit, No. 29 (Rotorua) Squadron ATC.

Also present was NZCF Area Controller CAPT Damian Bluett-Marr who listed all of FLTLT’s accomplishments as a NZCF Officer from when she was an Acting Pilot Officer not that many years ago.

As he rightfully pointed out, FLTLT’s dedication to the NZCF and 29 Squadron have been on display throughout, and the latest promotion is a well-deserved recognition for all the hard mahi put in along the way.

No. 29 Squadron is extremely proud to serve under such a well-trained, experienced, and dedicated leader.

Anzac Day preparations


No. 29 (Rotorua) Squadron Air Training Corps has a significant role to play during Anzac Day.  You will see us at the Dawn Parade, in Government Gardens near the Field of Remembrance, part of the Parade, and at the Civic Service.

Our Air Cadets have been meeting daily since Sunday and will continue to train right into Saturday night.

On Sunday we will add another chapter to our long history of serving our community around important days like Anzac Day, the Battle of Britain, and Armistice Day commemorations.

We hope to see you there.

RSA Poppy Day 2021


After a year off due to last year’s Covid-19 lockdown, No. 29 (Rotorua) Squadron Cadets had the opportunity to take to the streets and help the Rotorua RSA with Poppy Day.

We were proud to collect $1,600 for a good cause, and it got everyone in the right mindset for next week when we will perform ceremonial duties at Ohinemutu’s Dawn Parade as well as the Government Gardens Cenotaph and at the Civic Service inside the Sportsdrome.

Back L2R: FLTLT Knight, CDT Davies, CDT Stephenson, CDT van den Eng, LAC Sands, LAC Joy, CDT Downes. Front L2R: CDT Beehre, CDT Morgan, CDT Robinson, CDT Frost, CDT Torrington, CDT Coveney, SGT Coveney

Mangorewa Tramp

L2R: CDT van den Eng, CDT Dhillon, SS Belt, SS Joseph, SQNLDR Peacock, CDT Downes. Front: CDT Reid

For some it was the first time, for others a re-visit after 29! years.  But 29SQN’s “standard tramp” from the 1990s has been introduced to a whole new generation.

Tramps can be enjoyed in a number of ways.  The planning, the recce, the tramp itself, and – of course – the afterglow through posts like these.

The weather was sub-optimal, but that didn’t stop these people:  How else are you going to have a mud-slide into a creek unless you have some mud? 

The planning team promises a slightly less technical tramp in a few months – one with less rain and more sun.  Well, we can only promise the former.

Thanks go to SQNLDR Peacock for his support, and the parents that helped with the shuttling at the trail head.  We can’t do these things without you.  Thank you for supporting No. 29 (Rotorua) Squadron ATC!

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