Online Parades back at 29 Squadron

Our first Online Parade night found almost everyone in good spirits.  It was good to see the resilience in our Cadets when faced with the highest level of restrictions on our daily lives.

Two Zoom sessions were held, one for Basic 1 and another for Basic 2 Cadets.  It went very well and Staff got together afterwards to commit to an even more immersive Online Parade night from next week onwards:  Three online lessons held at the same time.

Check  out the sorts of presentations that Cadets get to learn from and enjoy:

Our first Lockdown parade saw a good turnout with 18 Cadets plus Staff login in.

Not too long ago we spoke to our Cadets about the need for Flexibility and Resilience, and that was before the Lockdown happened.

We also tested our Cadets for comprehension after each lesson, and these were the top performers

29 Squadron thanks the parents and their Cadets for the support they are giving each other and our Squadron during this challenging time.