Courses, promotions, successes

It’s time to catch up with some of the formal  successes Cadets and Staff have accumulated this year:


CDT Dhillon to LAC Dhillon

CDT Knight to LAC Knight

LAC Deibert to CPL Deibert

LAC Morley to CPL Morley

SGT Belt to F/S Belt

CDT van den Eng to LAC van den Eng



The following people have attended and passed their courses

Junior NCO – CPL Deibert

Junior NCO – CPL Morley

Senior NCO – F/S Belt

Shooting Coaches – FLTLT Joseph, PLTOFF Belt

Officer Field craft – PLTOFF Belt


Command Course – PLTOFF Belt

RCO Cource – PLTOFF Belt

Junior NCO – LAC van den Eng


Courses staffed:

Junior NCO – PLTOFF Belt

Junior NCO – FLTLT Knight

IT & TM – FLTLT Knight


No. 29 (Rotorua) Squadron ATC congratulates all of these fine people for their commitment, courage, and comradeship.