Rotorua Cadets take to the sky at Exercise “29 Above”

CDT Coveny of 29 (Rotorua) Squadron Air Training Corps

The weather got in the way on the original date, but Tom, Bill, Dave, and their loyal support crew at the Taupo Gliding Club hosted 29 Squadron’s budding soarers a few weeks later. Tow pilot Rod Milne was kept busy getting everyone into the air.

Nine people saw Taupo from a totally different angle. For six of them, this was their first time in a glider.

It was great to see the full range of emotions from pre-flight nerves to pure adrenalin having just touched down. The one emotion that was the same: they all wanted to come back and do it again.

Another day is planned for later this year.

To see more photos and videos of the day, click here

2020 sees Rotorua cadets hit the ground running


Nearly 30 cadets from Rotorua, including 29 Squadron’s cadets, were selected to attend Exercise 2020 this month. Hosted at the Waiouru Military Camp and Royal New Zealand Air Force Base Ohakea, over 1,200 cadets and 250 staff from throughout New Zealand spent five days taking part in a number of elective activities.

Cadets could choose to follow Air Force, Army, Navy, or a general adventure stream which offered diverse activities including abseiling, white water rafting, overnight tramping, flights, RiB rides, various sports, flight simulators, weapons demonstrations, paintball, archery, .22 shooting, escape rooms, casualty evacuations, mounting biking and much more.

To give all these people a place to sleep, a tent city comprising 114 canvas tents was erected which was the largest tented activity the NZDF have had since Vietnam.

To be eligible to apply, cadets need to have been with 29 Squadron for at least a full year. In larger units, not everyone gets selected to go due to limited capacity. Transport to and from the event and food is fully funded by the New Zealand Defence Force.