Rotorua Cadets honour Armistice Day

Rotorua District Cadet Unit and 29 (Rotorua) Squadron Air Training Corps attended the 2020 Armistice Day commemorations in Government Gardens today.

Covid robbed the community on Anzac Day in more ways than one, but today we were privileged to get together and show guests and dignitaries that Rotorua’s Cadets are committed and ever-present on important days like these.

29 Squadron’s Unit Commander FGOFF Poihaere Knight also officiated in her other role as Reverend Knight when she presented the Opening Prayer.

FGOFF Rev Poiheare Knight, 29 (Rotorua) Squadron, ATC NZCF

RDCU’s Major Breen and four of his best performed catafalque duty while the rest of his unit formed up with 29 Squadron.

On occasions like these, NZCF Officers like SQNLDR Heidi Paignton and FGOFF Poiheare Knight join veterans, dignitaries, and the cadet’s parents in being justifiably proud that our young adults step up and give the occasion the respect it deserves.

Left to right, Front:
CDT Coveney, LAC Morley, CDT Knight, SGT Swinburne, CDT Stephenson, CDT Graham, CPL Coveney
Back: CDT Van den Eng, CDT Downes, CDT Joy, LAC Sands, CDT Dhillon, LAC Belt, CDT Reid, CDT Evans